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Kate’s Story 🎬


Kate has no recollection of the day her car hit a tree at just 23mph, but she will live with the effects for the rest of her life.

The Critical Care Paramedic knew that timing was crucial in Kate’s case and took the utmost care in removing her from her driver’s seat, ensuring they stabilised her as quickly and effectively as possible. It was less than an hour between the crash occurring and Kate being set up in intensive care at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

Kate was in a coma for three months following her accident. She had suffered severe injuries which meant, initially, she was unable to walk or talk and had to relearn many life skills. Although Kate still has some paralysis on the left side of her body, her progress has been amazing and she is an inspiration to many.

Following Kate’s terrible accident, she and her family and friends have been fundraisers for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

Without the brilliant Doctor and Paramedics on board that day, and the Pilot who flew in atrocious weather conditions, Kate would not be here now making the remarkable recovery that she is today. I would like to thank the Critical Care Team who saved my daughter’s life; I shall be forever grateful.
Kate’s mum, Claire

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