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With our AW169 and (interim) A109 helicopters, our critical care team can quickly access remote parts of Essex and Hertfordshire, including areas inaccessible to land vehicles.


Our helicopters have the ability to access remote parts of Essex and Hertfordshire quickly.

They are not affected by the ever-increasing traffic congestion on our roads and country lanes, and they can reach areas inaccessible to land vehicles, including woods, beaches, docks and golf courses. The AW169 flies at around 170 mph, and the (interim) A109 at around 190mph, allowing our critical care team to reach the farthest point in Essex in less than 20 minutes and the farthest point in Hertfordshire in less than 15 minutes.

Branded EHAAT AW169 flying above the camera

AW 169

Max speed: 170mph
Height: 4.5m
Length: 14.65 m
Roto Diameter: 12.12 m

Our AW169 flies out of our North Weald Airbase, and it is our first purchased helicopter (all of our previous aircraft were leased), with the majority of the £6.5 million provided by public donations. Manufactured by Leonardo, the AW169 delivers unrivalled operating capability in the most challenging conditions, with the largest cabin in its class, giving our critical care team entire access to the patient when flying, while a large baggage compartment is available to store additional stretchers and equipment.

The high clearance of the main and tail rotors provides enhanced safety on the ground, while the auxiliary power unit (APU) mode ensures the continued operation of the environmental control system, radios and medical devices when the rotors are stopped. Just under 5 tonnes in weight, with 5 blades, two jet turbine engines, and a retractable undercarriage, the AW169 supports the charity’s strategic objectives in providing advanced, life-saving care to the communities of Essex and Hertfordshire.


How much do helicopters cost?

To purchase an AW169 today would cost somewhere between 7 and 8 million pounds.

What are the running costs?

The average cost for fuel per hour is £280, and the average cost per mission is £2,800. It costs in excess of £1,000,000 every month to remain operational and to cover all charitable costs.

How high do your helicopters fly?

Our typical flight height is around 1,000 feet, but the helicopters may fly as low as 500 feet over urban areas on a mission. The team can land in built-up areas as well as remote countryside locations.