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Centre for Excellence

The vision for the Centre for Excellence is to create a world-leading community through which pre-hospital care is developed, reaching the highest possible standards whilst delivering the best possible outcomes for patients.

Centre for Excellence
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Centre For Excellence

Our vision for the Centre for Excellence is to create a world-leading community through which pre-hospital care is developed to achieve the best possible outcomes for people in our region and beyond.

Our mission is to develop a framework to improve the health outcomes from illness and injury by striving to reach the highest possible standards of pre-hospital clinical care through research, innovation and education.  Furthermore, to work collaboratively to share knowledge for the benefit of all.

There are four pillars to the Centre for Excellence:

  • Research and Scholarship
  • Innovation
  • Education and Training
  • Community

Research and Scholarship Pillar

The Research and Scholarship pillar will further the academic outputs from EHAAT under a new, formal research strategy. The research will predominantly focus on the domains of “Head Injury”, “Cardiac Arrest” and “Patient Experience and Outcomes”. This pillar will also be central in developing a framework by which clinicians from all professional backgrounds can attain the highest levels of academic achievement.

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Education and Training Pillar

Education and training will firstly embrace the ongoing needs of our own team. There will be a firm link with the Community strategy. Our own internal courses and events will form part of a strategic education plan. Based on the head injury and cardiac arrest domains, we will develop short courses in the medium term that bring the wider medical community to EHAAT for their education. Conferences, reaching out to an international audience, will be aligned with our Centre for Excellence strategy. Furthering the academic education of our team by supporting them through master’s and PhD programmes will enable us to sustain and evolve our Centre for Excellence plans for the future.

Innovation Pillar

Innovation is an important part of the work of any Centre for Excellence. We will develop our innovation strategy as we make progress with the above pillars and our domains. The operation of the innovation pillar will be closely dependent on progress within the other areas. We will innovate our education and research, and develop innovative strategies for our community pillar.

Community Pillar

Our Community pillar will operate within two linked sub-pillars:

  • We will give back to our community by offering education to the people of Essex and Hertfordshire on how to assist in an emergency. Bespoke packages of training will be developed, including work on CPR, defibrillation, head injury and control of severe bleeding.
  • With the increasing use of technology, we will develop a strategy to deliver mass education programmes using artificial intelligence and other methods. We will explore how EHAAT interfaces with the wider medical community.