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You may see our friendly canvassers out and about across Essex and Hertfordshire, promoting our Flight for Life Lottery and the work of EHAAT. From visiting venues to knocking on doors, they would be thrilled to meet you and chat about our life-saving work in more detail. 



Our Lottery Canvassers Are Out And About, Spreading the Word!

We are delighted to have a friendly team of canvassers who passionately raise awareness of our life-saving work – all whilst raising vital funds to keep our free helicopter emergency medical service operational. They’re often out and about in Essex and Hertfordshire at venues and on a door-to-door basis to promote our Flight for Life Lottery. Please come and say ‘Hi’ when you see them, as they would love to chat to you about EHAAT, our mission and our lottery.

Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Anthony Ray
Anthony Ray
EHAAT canvasser Barry Wesley
Bary Wesley
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Charlie Walker
Charlie Waller
EHAAT canvasser Craig Glanville
Craig Glanville
Darren Budd, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser photo for website page
Daren Budd
EHAAT canvasser Darren Green
Darren Green
EHHAT canvasser Glenn Napper
Glenn Napper
EHAAT canvasser Jack Broomfield
Ryan Tierrey
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Jenny Fletcher
Jenny Fletcher
Leonard Beeneyis an Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser
Leonard Beeney
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Leonard Beeney
Leonard Beaney Jr
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Lisa Sweeting
Lisa Sweeting
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Neil Poole
Neil Poole
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Paul Higgs
Paul Higgs
Ross Foley
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Sarag Hopley
Sarah Hopley
Scott Foley EHAAT website photo
Scott Foley
Stephen Talbot, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser
Stephen Talbot
Temple Ray website photo
Temple Ray
EHAAT Canvasser Gavin Palmer
Gavin Palmer
Canvasser Dhirajlal Ladwa photo for website
Dhirajlal Ladwa
Essex and Herts Air Ambulance canvasser Jason Rosenfield
Jason Rosenfield
Canvasser Michelle Higgs joins EHAAT
Michelle Higgs
Toby Roberts canvasser
Toby Roberts
Dave Eldred canvasser photo
Dave Eldred
Karl Donnelly
EHAAT Canvasser Deborah Frost
Deborah Whitlock
Phil Parmenter
Andy Parmenter
Lee Herman canvasser
Lee Herman

Week commencing 8th April 2024

Tower People


EP 1999 Scott Foley, CM2 Chelmsford, CM11, CM12 Billericay
EP 2264 Gavin Palmer, CM19 Harlow
EP 2562 Tae Thompson, CM14 Brentwood, CM16 Epping, CM17 Harlow




RFD 046 Toby Roberts, Southend SS2 , SS1 , Westcliff  SS0, Leigh on Sea SS9
RFD 045 Ryan Tierrey, Colchester


RFD 002 Jason Rosenfeld, Sawbridgeworth CM21
RFD 001 Craig Glanville, Sawbridgeworth CM21
RFD 008 Ross Foley, Stevenage

How Our Canvassers Play A Vital Role in Supporting EHAAT

Each week our Canvassers visit different areas in Essex and Hertfordshire, working in venues and going door-to-door up until 9pm.

Please note that we will also be promoting our Regular Giving programme alongside our lottery as an alternative option to support EHAAT.

The Charity would like to emphasise that the Canvassers will only ask people to sign up by Direct Debit and do not ask for cash upfront.

All Canvassers are in EHAAT branded clothing and carry I.D. badges. Anyone that receives a visit from a Canvasser is advised to ask for I.D and if unsure, to call the Lottery Team on 0345 2417 690 for clarification.

All canvassers working on behalf of EHAAT have attended Dementia Training and work within the policies of the Charity regarding signing up underage and vulnerable people.


Charity Representative Feedback

Thank you for supporting Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. We would love to know more about your experience.

Where did you meet our representative?
1. How would you rate the appearance of the representative?
2. How would you rate the professionalism of the representative?
3. How would you rate the knowledge of the representative with regards to the work of the Charity?
4. Your contribution is intended as long term committed support - how well do you feel this was explained?
5. How do you rate the clarity with which the representative explained your monthly commitment?

Please be assured your details will not be passed on to third parties for their own use but only to support the charitable objectives of Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

You can opt out of receiving these communications at any time by calling 0345 2417 690 or unsubscribing from any email communication we send you.

Essex and Herts Flight for Life Lottery Ltd is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under Account Number 59740 Licence Number: 000-059740-N-334696-001.

This lottery is promoted by Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust, Flight House, The Business Centre, Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex, CO6 2NS.  Responsible Person(s): Jane Gurney, Jonathan Ager, Pam Withrington.

Essex & Herts Flight for Life Lottery Ltd is a member of the Lotteries Council and committed to promoting a responsible approach to gambling.  Please find our Terms & Conditions here.

It is illegal for individuals under the age of 18 to enter into a lottery or claim a prize.