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Become a regular giver

As a regular giver, you’ll help EHAAT plan for the future and be there for patients in their hour of need. The process is smooth, simple, secure, and completed in just a few clicks, whilst you can donate as little or often as you like.

Become a regular giver

Become a Regular Giver

To remain operational, we rely on the generosity and goodwill of the people and businesses across Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Every regular monthly donation plays a crucial role – helping us plan for the future and continue bringing the hospital to critically ill and injured patients in their hour of need.

Regular Giving supporters on their Visitor Centre tour.

How can your regular donation help us?

  • £6 per month could pay for a colourmetric carbon dioxide detector, which is needed with every patient undergoing pre-hospital plasma.
  • £15 per month could pay for two blood pressure cuffs, vital for monitoring the blood pressure of critically ill patients.
  • £25 per month could pay for a pelvic splint to reduce bleeding in pelvic fractures.

“If I think about what the air ambulance has done for me – they’ve saved my life. My wife wouldn’t have a husband, and my kids could have gone without a father. I live for the day now, more than ever.”

Andrew Bord

Donate as an individual or business in just a few clicks

All funds help us, and we’re incredibly grateful for whatever you feel you can afford.

Giving a regular donation is a wonderful gift, securing the future of Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, enabling us to carry on providing our free life-saving air ambulance emergency medical service.

Your commitment is vital in helping us plan for the future to ensure we continue to be there for people in their darkest hour.

The average cost per mission is in the region of £2,200. Regular donations make a huge difference to the charity and keep our emergency helicopters flying.