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11 June 2020

A Virtual British Afternoon Tea – Donna Lee


A Virtual British Afternoon Tea – Donna Lee

“Lockdown started off being really difficult for me as lots of activities that I had planned were continuously being cancelled. I was beginning to get upset at the thought of how long it would be before I could start enjoying days out with my family and friends again.

After a couple of weeks I decided to change my mindset and instead of getting upset about all the things that were getting cancelled I started to think about how can I do the same things just in a different way.

For our birthdays my sisters and myself always head into London to have an afternoon tea and with my birthday approaching, I thought there was no way that I wasn’t celebrating!  What better way than to organise a virtual tea and raise some money at the same time. I invited all my friends to join me and agreed that I would do all the cake baking and deliver their teas to their doorsteps and charge each of them £10 which they paid straight to my just giving page. Any of my friends that were not local but wanted to join all agreed to make their own tea but still kindly made a donation to my page.

I then sent a zoom link out to everyone and we all gathered together for 2 hours and ate our tea whilst chatting and giggling just like we would at the restaurant.  It was amazing how much fun we had and we also played a game of bingo (we just downloaded bingo cards off the internet and used a bingo calling free app on the phone). It really was a lovely way to not only celebrate but everyone knew we were also raising vital funds.  In total with gift aid, we raised £412.25 not bad when we had originally set a target of £150.

Not only did we raise a fantastic amount of money for a very worthwhile charity whilst having lots of fun, the impact it had on mine and my friends wellbeing was incredible and you definitely cant put a price on that. So if you are sat there thinking of all the things you cant do flick that change of mindset switch and start thinking of all the things you can do and start by having a tea with your friends.”


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