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14 September 2018

A Day in the Life of a HEMS Crew Member


In light of National Air Ambulance Week 2018, we decided to show you what A Day in the Life of a HEMS Crew Member looks like.

These photos were all taken on a Tuesday. Tuesday’s are a busy day at the North Weald hangar as we hold our weekly meeting with some of the Critical Care Team. This meeting allows the crew to discuss recent cases. The MD902/Helimed07 crew from the Earls Cone Airbase fly over and are operational from North Weald so that the crew can join in with the discussions when not on a mission. On this day, the AW169 was on the late shift.


Pre-hospital Care Doctor, Mike and Critical Care Paramedic, Tony begin the daily checks of the rapid response vehicles.

RRV Checks


They now move onto complete checks of the helicopter. Today they will be operational in the AgustaWestland 169.

Helicopter checks


Mike and Tony carry out the daily controlled drug checks.

Daily drug store checks


Co-Pilot, Ben, begins briefing the observer. We often have Observers flying with the crew to promote learning and development.

Co-Pilot briefing Observer


Co-Pilot bringing the AW169 out of the hangar so that it is ready to be tasked.

Pulling AW169 out of hangar


Some of the Critical Care Team in the weekly meeting. They analyse what, why and how they did what they did at each mission. This meeting is also important for combating stress and looking after our crew’s health and well-being.



Co-Pilot taking the details of a mission down from the East of England Ambulance Service control room. Whilst he does this, Pilot Nick is outside starting the aircraft.

Co-Pilot taking details from EEAST


Pre-hospital Care Doctor, Mike and the Observer make their way out to the aircraft. At this point, they have no idea what incident they are about to attend. Their kit bags are all ready to go on the aircraft from when they did their checks at the beginning of the shift.

Pre-hospital Care Doctor and Observer


Critical Care Paramedic strapping himself in. The helmets allow the crew to talk to each other and the control room whilst in the air.

Critical Care Paramedic


Co-Pilot joins the crew in the aircraft. He inputs the details received over the phone into the navigation system and then briefs the crew on the upcoming mission.

AW169 ready to take off


And off they go! The crew will now start discussing what drugs, equipment and procedures they may need to do when they reach the scene.

AW169 taking off


The crew return back from their mission. The pilots immediately make contact with the airbase fuel suppliers. Once back in the operations room, they will have de-brief of the mission.

AW169 returning from mission


The fuelling tanker arrives to top up the aircraft. We get this done as quickly as possible so that we can be ready for the next mission.

AW169 re-fuelling


The pilots taking a much needed tea break. This is also their chance to say goodbye to the MD902/Helimed07 Pilots before they head back to the Earls Colne Airbase to end their shift.

Pilots tea break


The weekly meeting comes to an end for the Critical Care Team and they can go home to rest. The AW169 however stays online until 8pm.


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