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Milli’s Story 🎬

During a routine visit from the midwife, Milli’s tiny lips turned blue and panic set in.


With no time to lose, midwife Sue called the emergency services and used her resuscitation kit to sustain Milli’s breathing until help arrived in the form of Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and land ambulance.

Immediately, the Air Crew recognised that Milli had stopped breathing due to exceptionally low glucose levels. As Milli was so small, the team were unable to administer a drip and, instead, placed a needle directly into Milli’s femur and delivered glucose into circulation via her bone marrow.

Milli was then taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where it was revealed she had hypopituitarism – a decreased secretion of hormones from the brain’s pituitary gland. It had been the root cause of all Milli’s symptoms.

Since her ordeal, Milli has been prescribed with medication to allow her to produce the hormones she needs. Although she will need to take medication for the rest of her life, her parents Claire and Robert Smith see it as a small price to pay.

Claire said: “I cannot explain how vital Essex & Herts Air Ambulance is – without them I don’t even want to think about what would have happened to us as a family.”

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