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04 April 2018

Keep in Touch


In light of the upcoming GDPR law change in May, whereby charities will no longer be able to contact you unless they have consent to do so, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance launched their Keep in Touch campaign. From September, existing supporters have been contacted with the request to ‘Keep in Touch’. The Charity has had an overwhelming amount of support from the public, including over £16,000 donations being received from supporters whilst ‘opting in’.

So far over 40,000 supporters have provided consent to the Charity whether that be by phone, post, email or SMS. Supporters have also been given the option to provide their preference of what they would like to hear about, whether that be to stay up to date with Charity news, hear about upcoming fundraising events and initiatives or receive information about the Flight for Life Lottery and Raffle.

Vicci Parkin, Client Relationship Manager said: ‘We are overwhelmed by the positive public response from our supporters in both the number of responses and donations received. It has also been interesting to see that the majority of supporters want to hear more from the Charity. Our Charity newsletter Eyes on EHAAT, which launched in January, is sent to those opting in to hear about Charity news.’

Can you Keep in Touch?

We can’t fly without your support. Please Keep in Touch and help save lives. Fill in your contact preferences online or phone 0345 2417 690.

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