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Katrina’s Story


In January 2018 Katrina Carter from Canvey Island was driving home after babysitting for one of her daughters.

“When my daughter got home just after midnight she suggested I stay the night. As it is only a five-minute drive and I didn’t feel too well, I decided to go home because I wanted to be in my own bed.”

“The next thing I remember is waking up four days later in hospital.”

Katrina had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. As she lost consciousness, her vehicle swerved across the road and crashed into railings.

Fortunately, the impact was heard by Steve Jones, an off-duty East of England Ambulance Service Paramedic, who lived a couple of doors away. Crucially, Steve was able to start CPR whilst waiting for a land ambulance to arrive.

EHAAT do not fly at night, so the ambulance was closely followed by an EHAAT rapid response vehicle, which brings the same level of care that a helicopter would.

Dr Ash Vasireddy and Critical Care Paramedic Colin Treece made a series of advanced clinical interventions before accompanying Katrina in the land ambulance to Basildon CTC (Cardiothoracic Centre).

While in hospital, Katrina learned what had happened.

“At first I couldn’t understand what had happened. Apparently, the police blocked off the road and there were some bright lights put up so that I could be treated at the roadside.”

“I felt so tired when I woke up that it was hard to even lift my arms and I needed help to get out of bed.”

A year on, it was great to see Katrina up and about again at our North Weald Airbase. Here, she was able to meet the EHAAT team who had attended to her, along with Steve, the off-duty Paramedic and Neil Magee from Basildon.

“It was nice to see everyone together and meet the team. It was quite emotional to be told that they were breathing for me and making my blood circulate. Without all of them I wouldn’t be here.”

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