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David’s Story

“Without their efforts, expertise, and swift response, things could have taken a very different turn. Thank you!”

David’s Story

On what seemed to be an ordinary morning, former EEAST (East of England Ambulance Service Trust) paramedic David Bosher (79) was strolling down Epping High Street when he suddenly collapsed outside his bank and went into cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, an off-duty ED nurse and a doctor were in the vicinity. They sprang into action, initiating CPR to maintain his blood flow and ensure oxygenation. Meanwhile, an EEAST crew was also nearby and rapidly responded to the request for backup and worked tirelessly to stabilise David’s condition. Within minutes, the scene was further bolstered by the arrival of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) critical care team, which included critical care paramedic Alex Hartley, pre-hospital care doctor Dr Claire Anderson, and pre-hospital care consultant Ben Clarke.

With swift precision, the crew administered three shocks to his heart to restore a normal rhythm and revive him. The team ensured David’s stability, addressing a laceration on his forehead and providing oxygen.

To help David’s breathing, a decision was made to administer anaesthesia. Recognising the lack of cover along the busy high street, EHAAT’s crew carefully carried out the procedure inside the ambulance, before the journey in a land ambulance to the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre in Basildon.

Identifying the need for intervention to remove the blockage in David’s heart, he was moved to the cardiac catheterisation lab, where two stents were inserted to restore blood flow to his heart. With each passing day, his cardiac function improved, and David’s vitality slowly returned.

During a recent visit to our North Weald airbase, EEAST and EHAAT clinicians were thrilled to reunite with David, who has served as a paramedic for 39 years and is a longtime supporter of EHAAT.

Helen Goodwin, the Patient & Family Liaison Officer at EHAAT, expressed her delight in welcoming David to the airbase. 

“It was lovely to have David here with us, given his remarkable tenure as a paramedic, having served the community for nearly four decades. His presence was a source of inspiration and admiration for everyone in the room.”

The visit provided a unique opportunity for David to tour the airbase, reflect on his experience, and share stories from his long and fulfilling career.

David said: “I was quite literally saved by the people around me – from the off-duty nurse and doctor to the EEAST and EHAAT crews. Without their efforts, expertise, and swift response, things could have taken a very different turn. Thank you!”

EHAAT’s critical care paramedic Alex Hartley said he’d always remember David’s incident because it’s such a ‘fabulous chain of survival story’. 

Alex added: “David is one patient that still stands out to me – why I do the job I do and why I am so proud of the ambulance service and EHAAT. I use Epping station occasionally to go into London and have had coffee from the shop where David collapsed. His survival is a true testament to early CPR and early defibrillation.”

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