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Patient Feedback Survey

At Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, we strive to deliver the very best pre-hospital care to both our patients and their families by ensuring that all of their needs are met. We believe that feedback is an essential tool for improvement, and we value any insights and comments that our patients and their families can provide.

Patient Feedback Survey

It would be very helpful if you could answer the questions below in relation to your contact with us, as this will help us to identify areas for improvement. Please do not worry if you cannot answer all of the questions; we understand that it might be difficult to remember everything but any information that you can provide will be useful.

We would be grateful if you could complete the survey as the patient who received care from our service. However, if you cannot remember and there was a family member present when our crew attended you, some questions can be answered by your family member. These are indicated with an asterisk in the survey. If you cannot remember and did not have a family member present (or they cannot answer on your behalf), please tick ‘I don’t remember and did not have a family member present’.

Patient Visit, father holding daughter as they watch the helicopter

In the survey, we refer to our crew. By this, we mean the air ambulance doctor and paramedic who attended you at your incident. The information will be fed back to the EHAAT team and will also be shared with the Care Quality Commission, who are an independent regulator of our service. The information that we share with the Care Quality Commission will not include anything to identify you personally. All completed paper surveys will be stored in a locked filing cabinet and electronic data will be kept on a secure network drive, accessed through a password-protected computer.