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CPR Smart — Free CPR Training

CPR Smart by Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust offers free, comprehensive CPR training to schools in Essex and Hertfordshire. Our program empowers teachers and students to become CPR Smart Champions, equipping them with life-saving skills and ongoing support to create a safer community.



CPR Smart — Free CPR Training

EHAAT’s CPR Smart — Free CPR Training for Schools in Essex and Hertfordshire

We at Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) are offering free CPR training to all schools in Essex and Hertfordshire through our “CPR Smart” program. Although the UK government has mandated CPR education in secondary schools, some schools face challenges in implementation. A British Medical Journal study highlighted barriers like teacher proficiency, lack of subject knowledge, and fear of teaching incorrect techniques.

Our program is designed to address these challenges by providing comprehensive support to schools and educators. Building on the success of our previous CPR and AED awareness training in schools, and as part of the World Health Organisation-endorsed “Kids Save Lives” initiative, our aim is to create a strong foundation for life-saving education.

Why CPR Is Crucial

Every year, over 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur in the UK, with survival rates under 10%. The importance of timely CPR is critical: every minute without intervention reduces the chance of survival by 10%. In 2022, the East of England Ambulance Service responded to 1,605 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Essex and Hertfordshire, but 34% of individuals did not receive bystander CPR before professional help arrived. In contrast, other European countries with integrated CPR training programs starting from childhood boast survival rates up to three times higher.

Creating CPR Smart Champions in Schools

Becoming an “EHAAT CPR Smart Champion” is straightforward and open to everyone, making this a truly inclusive program. We train both teachers and sixth-form students, equipping them to deliver effective CPR training to their peers and younger students. As an EHAAT CPR Smart Champion, you’ll receive comprehensive training with a credible medical professional who will be your ongoing support and mentor to ensure you feel confident and capable in teaching life-saving skills.

To further enhance CPR awareness, we encourage our champions to develop creative initiatives within their schools, such as homework assignments, video resources for parents, and CPR demonstrations at parent-teacher meetings.

Testimonials from Participating Schools

The CPR training from EHAAT was fantastic. Our students found it engaging, and the interactive sessions really made a difference.” – Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Head Teacher, Oakwood High School

Becoming a CPR champion has given our teachers the confidence to integrate life-saving skills into the curriculum. It’s a rewarding experience for everyone.” – Mr. John Peters, Teacher, Westfield School

How to Get Started

To find out more or get involved in our “CPR Smart” program, contact Adam Carr at:

Tel: 0345 2417 690

Email: adam.carr@ehaat.org

Alternatively, use our online form to register your interest [coming soon]


Let’s work together to create a safer community through education and life-saving skills!