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Building Our Future Fleet

Raising £1m towards a new AW169 Helicopter

Building Our Future Fleet

The Building our Future Fleet campaign aims to raise £1 million by 2024 towards the purchase of a new AW169 helicopter for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.

This year, we are celebrating 25 years of saving lives. Our 24/7 critical care service is only possible with the support of people and businesses from across Essex and Hertfordshire. Together we can bring vital prehospital care to those who need it most.

Right now, we need to raise £1 million to complete our funding of a new helicopter for our fleet, to enhance our service today and protect it for tomorrow.

A new AW169 helicopter will replace our existing leased MD920 aircraft and mean we have two AW169s in our fleet. This helicopter flies faster and further and has more space onboard to allow enhanced patient care. It will be a game changer for what we deliver to our patients today and into the future.

You can make this possible.

We seek support both from individuals and families who have the passion and capacity to support this project on a personal level, and from businesses who can join us as partners or sponsors. There are many ways you can get involved and we’d love to speak to you.


To find out how you can pledge your personal support,
contact Steph Pisharody 

07800 717252 


To explore getting involved with your business,
contact Lyndsay Wood

07876 825308

Building our Future Fleet is vital in the next phase of securing the future of the charity and ensuring the ongoing impact of our life-saving service.

The new AW169 will replace our existing leased aircraft, so that as a charity we own two aircraft to continue delivering critical life-saving care across Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.