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11 June 2024

Volunteers Week 2024: A Part Of Something Amazing

Volunteers Week 2024: Be Part Of Something Amazing

Volunteers’ Week celebrates the amazing contributions volunteers make to communities across the UK.

We have a fantastic team of volunteers whose commitment and generosity have a profound impact on our mission to save lives and provide critical care to those in need. Whether working hard in the community, supporting special events, giving tours, helping in our offices and charity shops, looking after community collection tins, giving talks, or receiving cheque donations, the countless hours volunteered and the energy invested is greatly appreciated by the EHAAT Exec Team, trustees, charity staff and the crews.

This Volunteers’ Week we took the opportunity to shine the spotlight on some of our amazing volunteers who help make every mission possible.

Ian has been an invaluable member of our volunteer team for nearly 15 years. Everyone has their own reasons for volunteering, and for Ian, it’s simple: “I don’t have the skills of the highly trained pilots and medical team, but I can give my time to support their work, doing my bit to help save lives.”

Rosie has been lighting up the Mersea Island shop since day one over 20 years ago, kickstarting our retail journey and supporting our mission to save lives.

Vivien joined our volunteer team during a difficult period in her life, caring for her father who had cancer. She said: “I needed something concrete to focus on and the air ambulance had a generally positive and uplifting feel to their work. I was also not aware that it was all self-funded, so decided EHAAT was for me.”

Pam and Dave, our dynamic duo from North Essex have been incredibly proactive volunteers for EHAAT since 2022. Pam has also created two amazing ‘diamond paintings’ of our helicopters which brighten up both of our offices.

Willow is an incredible addition to our amazing volunteer team in the Braintree charity shop.

Tim’s journey with EHAAT has come full circle – he’s a former-patient turned dedicated volunteer! Tim hosts Visitor Centre tours, manages a collection tin round and has recently joined the Earls Colne reception team. Tim says “Volunteering makes me feel part of a big family, I recommend it to everyone.”

Elaine’s decision to volunteer as a tin collector is deeply personal. “A member of my family was airlifted in 2016. If that helicopter hadn’t been there that day, three children would have been left without their father.”


Thank you to our incredible volunteers who always go above and beyond, making a meaningful difference in our community. Your dedication and selflessness make every mission possible.

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