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07 February 2018

Tin Rebrand


The hero that keeps us flying

Many across Essex may already be familiar with the change in our newly branded tins as the roll out of the tin rebrand began in November. Moving away from our county split of green tins in Essex and red tins in Hertfordshire the Charity has opted for new blue collection tins to be distributed across both counties, removing the idea of separation and bringing the two brands together to signify the united future of the Charity.

Annabel Schwier, EHAAT’s Community Coordinator, said: “We currently have over 3,000 collection tins across the region, and they’re a vital source of support for our Charity. Whether you put your pennies in the pot at a petrol station, your local pub, or at a community event – every donation counts.”

We need you

This month, we begin the new tin roll out across Hertfordshire. With 2,000 tins still to replace across the two counties the Charity calls out to the public to help this process. If you can swap the tins over in your local area get in touch today!

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Alternatively, if you can hold a collection tin in your organisation we would love to hear from you! Perhaps you are hosting an event in aid of the Charity? Get in touch with our Team today and have a tin sent your way!

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