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Peter’s Story 🎬


Peter, a farm worker who looks after arable land and livestock, was tending to the cows as he had done every day for 44 years, when a bull charged towards him and pinned him against metal railings inside the cow shed.

Peter explained: “I remember being in the shed with the cows, trying to get them outside. Suddenly the bull headed straight for me. I couldn’t get out of the way in time. I was up against the railings and he started to head butt me against the barriers.”

Peter managed to stagger away from the scene when he saw his brother, Simon, who dialled 999.

An Essex & Herts Air Ambulance was dispatched and the Critical Care Team arrived at the farm within ten minutes of receiving the 999 call.

Upon arrival, the Crew were concerned that Peter had sustained a pelvic fracture, a potentially life-threatening injury. The Crew safely administered powerful medication, made sure Peter’s injuries were well-dressed and put a pelvic binder on him.

Peter was then transported to the nearest major trauma centre, the Royal London Hospital. This was an 11-minute flight.
At the hospital, an X-Ray and CT Scan revealed that the force from the bull’s attack had left Peter with fractures in three areas of his pelvis. Surgeons operated on his injuries the next day and Peter spent the next week in hospital.

The recovery didn’t end there, taking Peter a further nine months before being able to walk without using crutches. Peter has since fundraised for the air ambulance, organising a tractor run to take place in aid of the Charity.

‘It’s not until you are on the receiving end of a serious accident that you realise the extent of what the air ambulance can do. It’s a no-brainer to want to help out in return.’

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