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Lynda Costerd
01 June 2021

National Volunteers’ Week 2021
Lynda Costerd


Volunteering at EHAAT –  Lynda Costerd

  • Volunteering since December 2019
  • Air-lifted patient, asked to open Eastwood charity shop
  • Volunteers at the Eastwood shop
  • Now assistant manager at Eastwood shop

In December 2017 I had an accident at home, I slipped on the stairs and broke my ankle in 3 places and badly dislocated it. EHAAT came to my rescue and repositioned my ankle and accompanied me to the hospital. I still suffer daily with medical complications from my ankle but without EHAAT I definitely wouldn’t have that foot at all.

2 years later the EHAAT Eastwood charity shop opened and I was asked to come along and be part of the official opening on the 18th October 2019. That day I met Vikki, the shop manager and decided to become a volunteer to try and help raise money for this amazing charity.

As we all know not long after COVID raised its ugly head we have been in lockdown on and off for this past year. During this time, I have become Assistant Manager at the shop on a part-time basis but I also still volunteer. Myself, my husband and my daughter, who have also become volunteers, did a bucket collection at our local train station to raise money whilst the shops have been closed and Vikki and I have been very lucky and been allowed to run a click and collect service from our shop, via our Facebook page through which we have managed to raise quite a bit of money for EHAAT.

Volunteering for EHAAT has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.


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