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03 June 2020

National Volunteer Week – Trevor Paddon – Profile


Trevor Paddon – Volunteer Tribute

We were recently saddened to hear of the passing of Trevor Paddon who had been volunteering for EHAAT, alongside his wife Lyn, since August 2009. Lyn has kindly allowed me to pay tribute to Trevor as a celebration of his dedication to the charity and as an acknowledgment of his help over so many years. Trevor was a genuinely lovely, kind and gentle man ‘a true gent’, who enjoyed taking part in bucket collections at supermarkets, as it gave him the opportunity to chat with fellow volunteers and customers alike. Our Fundraising Team pay testament to the fact that he would willingly help for hours! Although, always ready to get involved, eventually poor health slowed Trevor down a bit, but it didn’t quash his spirit, or his desire to help.

The husband and wife team, who had helped out with lots of different events over the years, more recently dedicated their time to looking after a tin round. Although, it was always a team effort, Lyn tells me that she would happily let Trevor carry the heavy coins to the bank! Trevor has been part of our Flight for Life lottery since its inception but apparently, we never sent any cash back his way, I don’t think he would have minded. Our chaplain Sharon Quilter sums up how we all feel ‘It is hard to lose someone who has devoted themselves in the service of others, as they draw our love by their own kindness’.

Thank you to Trevor for everything your EHAAT family will miss you!

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