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05 June 2020

National Volunteer Week – Suzanne Harvey – Profile


Volunteering at EHAAT – Suzanne Harvey

“I am Suzanne and I have been volunteering for EHAAT for over 7 years. I work full time but felt something was missing, I wanted to give back, do something worthwhile.

That’s when I came across EHAAT. I try and volunteer once month, sometimes it ends up more, as I sign up to help at the events and give talk presentations – both of which are so much fun. I am also a member of the Volunteer Forum.

My favourite event would have to be the Motorcycle run. To see so many people come together to raise money for EHAAT is amazing. My job for the last few years and I hope for many years to come is to catch any late comers and encourage them to pay, while doing this I get to see all 3000 bikers leave. My arm and face aches by the end from all the smiling and waving!

This year my support for EHAAT became even more meaningful. My mum had a nasty fall and the RRV came out as it was too windy to fly, I have never been so thankful to see that red and yellow car. The crew response and professionalism were outstanding. Something my family and I will forever be grateful for.

My favourite job is playing the part of Dr Danni (one of charity mascots), great fun and no one knows it’s you.

So, if you some spare time, come and join the EHAAT family.”

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