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29 May 2020

National Volunteer Week – Sue Akers – Profile


Volunteering at EHAAT – Sue Akers (retail)

“I have worked as a volunteer for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance since the opening of its first charity shop in Royston in December 2013. What do I like about it, well, everything! I’ve made so many friends including customers, who sometimes just want to have a chat. My main role is the set up the window displays, which hopefully encourages customers to come in. I’m motivated by our shop manager who has always got time for all her volunteers and this is one of the things that makes the shop such a success.

We sell a variety of good quality items including clothing, hopefully our customers feel they’ve bagged a bargain. I feel proud of what I do and I can’t wait to go in each day as no two days are the same, it’s such a rewarding job to do knowing that the money we make helps to save lives.”

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