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29 May 2020

National Volunteer Week – Ken Read – Profile


Volunteering at the EHAAT Visitor Centre – Ken Read

“Hello, my name is Ken and I have been a volunteer for EHAAT only for about 18 months. Having had a medical imaging background before retiring I felt that there were a number of ways that I might be useful to the Trust. The website gave many ways that volunteers might help raise funds, but I felt that I could best serve by giving talks to the public and co-hosting tours of the Visitors Centres.

Living in Colchester meant that I was closer to the Earls Colne airbase rather than North Weald. After my induction I found out when the next tours would be and put my name down to shadow these from more experienced people. I found that the people who do the tours were very helpful and friendly. My training had given me a comprehensive set of notes for the talks and I soon adopted my own style from hearing others. I was impressed by the interest from all the groups that came around and how little they knew before the tours. The highlights included seeing the helicopter (if present), the Rapid Response Vehicles and the possibility of talking to some of the crew. By the time a 2 hour tour was over most visitors were very enthusiastic about supporting the cause and we would point out ways to do it. I have felt that educating the public and spreading the word has been very satisfying. If that aspect is not for you there are many other ways to volunteer.”

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