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Michael’s Story


When Michael’s bus was hit by a 15-tonne steam engine that was being transported by lorry, he was left in critical condition with 23 injured passengers.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance were at the scene 14 minutes after dispatch. Michael had received life-threatening injuries to his shoulders, chest, forearm, hand, fingers, hip and pelvis – as well as a severe laceration to his abdomen.

Throughout the ordeal, Michael was insistent he wasn’t going to make it through, and that the focus of the emergency services should be on his injured passengers.

Michael was removed from the driver’s seat of the bus and was airlifted to the Royal London Hospital. Whilst there, Michael underwent stomach surgery, two shoulder operations, skin grafts and had his injured hand reconstructed. After a month, Michael was released from hospital care and made it home.

Having been a FIRST bus driver for 15 years, Michael is keen to return to work someday and see his regular customers again. Michael’s colleagues at FIRST have aided him in raising over £1,700 for the Charity to date. This summer, he was able to drive his 16-year-old daughter to her prom, something he could only dream of doing in the early days of his recovery.

Michael said: “I just want to say a massive thank you to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. There is no doubt in my mind that without them I wouldn’t be here today. I had a massive list of injuries and yet the Crew gave me the best chance.”

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