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Matthew’s Story


Keen cyclist Matthew Berry was out for his regular training ride in Essex when, 32 miles in, he swerved to avoid a pothole and disaster struck.

After Matthew attempted to avoid one pothole, he steered into another and hurtled over his handlebars, landing heavily on his face. Our Critical Care Team were dispatched and set about stabilising Matthew, before airlifting him to Romford Hospital.

A few days of unconsciousness followed and Matthew suffered a brain injury, cheekbone damage, and nerve damage which would affect his right eye. After seven weeks, Matthew returned to work and (finally) set up his indoor bike.

He remembers: “It felt so good to be back on a bike, even if cycling on it was mind-numbingly boring!”

By the following Spring, Matthew was back on his bike and aside from a little “skewed vision”, has made a full recovery.

Matthew and his wife, Joyce, rode through the Colne Valley for our bi-annual cycle ride to raise money for the Charity.

He explains: “We rode the event as a thank you to the crew that helped me that day and I will forever make the effort to spread the word about Essex & Herts Air Ambulance – my life-saving charity!”

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