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Maisie’s Story

Dave Moon was driving home in September 2012 with his two young daughters, Ella and Maisie, who was 15 months old, when a lorry travelling on the wrong side of the road came hurtling towards them. Dave reacted quickly to the danger and swerved onto the opposite side of the road, but it was too late and their vehicle impacted with the lorry.


Dave rushed out of the car, not realising that he himself had suffered two broken ribs. His other daughter Ella had been asleep upon impact so only had minor injuries.

Delicately, Dave raised Maisie’s head up, clearing her airway of broken glass and was relieved to see Maisie take a huge gulp of air, although she was suffering from intermittent levels of consciousness.

One of her legs was badly broken and blood gushed from an injury near her elbow. Dave used various bits of clothing to stem the flow of blood and applied pressure to her wounds.

After returning from Addenbrooke’s Hospital on the completion of a previous call, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance landed in a field directly beside the accident. The Critical Care Team were directed to the most unwell patient Maisie who had severe head and limb injuries. She required an emergency anaesthetic to protect her airway and ensure appropriate ventilation. This is a difficult, albeit potentially life-saving procedure that the Critical Care Paramedic and Pre-hospital Care Doctor were able to perform safely at the roadside.

Critical Care Paramedics Jo Lambert and Ben Myer provided Maisie with pain relief and splinted her injured limbs. As it was now dark, the team travelled with Maisie in the land ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

Scans later showed she had suffered two internal bleeds, a broken leg and fractured skull with blood around her brain. After a week in intensive care she was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and home a month later.  Pre-hospital Care Doctor, Ben, said

“Given all her serious injuries Maisie has made a remarkable recovery – she’s a real fighter!”

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