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24 February 2018

Life of an EHAAT Volunteer: Hoss Atri


How long have you volunteered at EHAAT?

Since November 2016.

What made you choose to volunteer at EHAAT?

A friend of mine was involved in an incident where he was seriously burnt. EHAAT attended the scene and transported him to Broomfield Hospital which is a specialist hospital for burns. The Critical Care Team’s presence saved precious minutes and I’m sure it reduced the severity of his injuries. At this point, I was in full time employment, but I made the decision that as soon as I had more time on my hands, I would volunteer for the Charity.

What do your voluntary jobs involve?

I give talks, presentations, marshal at sporting events, collect fundraising tins in the local community and hold visitor centre tours.

What is your favourite moment or event that you have helped at?

All events are enjoyable so it is difficult to choose just one!

What do you do outside of volunteering at EHAAT? Do you have another job? Any hobbies?

I am semi-retired and so work part-time doing consultancy work for the banking industry. I am very competitive and so enjoy playing badminton. My leisure club, Basildon Sporting Village, recently held a tournament in aid of EHAAT, raising a fantastic £263.81.

Why do you like being an EHAAT Volunteer?

Working as a Volunteer means I make a direct connection with those who are saving lives. It is very rewarding.

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