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28 June 2024

Innovation Takes Centre Stage at Aeromedical Conference 2024


Over 250 delegates gathered for the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) annual Aeromedical Conference, held at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Laindon, Essex. Sponsored by Philips, Leonardo and Gama Aviation, this year’s event centred on the theme of “Innovation,” offering a unique platform for emergency services professionals to share knowledge and enhance best practices in pre-hospital care.


The conference, chaired by EHAAT Medical Director Dr Tony Joy, was a free-to-attend event that featured expert speakers from diverse backgrounds. These speakers explored innovation within healthcare and the emergency services sector, highlighting how current and future projects can benefit patients and the public by transforming pre-hospital care.

Keynote presentations covered various pillars of innovation, including product innovation, process innovation, and organisational innovation. Robert Stevenson, Product Design Director at Ford Motor Company, discussed “Strategies for Breaking the Mould – Product Innovation,” encouraging delegates to think creatively. Professor Mark Wilson, Co-founder & Medical Director of GoodSAM, presented on the integration of technology and community to save lives, while Terry Jewell, Special Operations Officer at UK International Search & Rescue, showcased practical applications of innovation in hostile environments.


Additional notable speakers included Jacob West from Microsoft, who spoke on public services embracing AI, and Professor Shafi Ahmed of Medical Realities, who addressed pre-hospital medicine in the Metaverse. Dr Claire Baker from Imperial College London discussed the use of in-vehicle sensors for targeted injury response in road traffic collisions.

The event also highlighted the use of drones in search and rescue operations, with insights from Bryn Jones of Essex Fire and Rescue Service and Darryl Ashford-Smith of Search & Rescue Aerial Association Scotland. James Kingdon from GAMA Aviation and Dr. Xavier Moors from Lifeliner2 in Rotterdam shared their expertise on design innovation and the Dutch approach to ECPR, respectively. Dr. Shal Kanagaratnam closed the conference with thought-provoking ideas on rethinking emergency care.

Throughout the day, attendees had ample opportunities to network and connect with organisations providing medical equipment, crew apparel, and recruitment services, further fostering collaboration and innovation.


EHAAT CEO Jane Gurney expressed her gratitude: “The conference highlighted the power of collaboration, which is crucial to enhancing patient care. I want to thank our incredible speakers for sharing their expertise and insights. Their contributions provided fresh perspectives on current practices, empowering us to advance patient care and safety for our crews. Special thanks to our exhibitors and sponsors for making the day a huge success.”

The Aeromedical Conference 2024 not only showcased cutting-edge innovations but also reinforced the importance of teamwork and continuous improvement in pre-hospital care.



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