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Enda’s Story


It was supposed to be a day for family, but Enda’s plans went awry when he collapsed on Letchworth station platform.

Enda’s last memory of the day is descending the station steps and feeling dizzy. He sat on a platform bench and, before his wife Liz could react, Enda stopped breathing. Liz began to administer CPR along with Jeff Carter, a part-time fireman who worked at the station.

A land ambulance arrived on the scene and connected Enda to a defibrillator. Deciding further help was needed, the Critical Care Team were called.

Our Pre-hospital Care Doctor and Critical Care Paramedic immediately began advanced pre-hospital care before transferring Enda to the Lister Cardiology Unit in Stevenage.

Enda woke up two days later. After further recovery, he was sent to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London where a state-of-the-art ICD (cardioverter defibrillator) was fitted.Enda has been able to continue

his work on post-war reconciliation and peace-making in Bosnia thanks to the emergency services.

He notes: “This incredible outcome is all due to remarkable treatment by a wonderful combination of medical services.”

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