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Bruce’s Story 🎬

Bruce was driving along the M25 in July 2016 when he turned to his wife, Sandra, to tell her he was feeling dizzy before suddenly collapsing at the wheel.


Luckily, Community First Responder Mike Abbott and his wife Jodie were passing and pulled over. Realising Bruce had gone into cardiac arrest, they laid his seat back and started CPR. The land ambulance and Police arrived first on scene before the air ambulance was called.

Upon arrival at the motorway, Pre-hospital Care Doctor Mike Christian and Critical Care Paramedic Simon Probert managed to successfully restart Bruce’s heart and administer a pre-hospital anaesthetic.

Bruce was then flown to Harefield Hospital where he received an immediate angiogram and doctors put two stents in to his heart to keep the artery unblocked. Bruce then spent the next two weeks in the ITU where he underwent a host of procedures.

After two weeks, Bruce was moved to the high dependency ward where he spent three and a half weeks. Bruce had more stents put into his heart, more tests, and an internal defibrillator implanted. Five and a half weeks later, Bruce was allowed home.

Since being home, Bruce and Sandra have been busy raising money through raffles, garage sales and on eBay for the Charity. The family even visited the airbase, meeting the Crew that responded that day as well as Community First Responder Mike Abbott.

The service is absolutely magic. I can’t describe and thank them enough. They saved my life – simple as that. – Bruce Badcock

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