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15 May 2023

Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week


At Essex & Herts Air Ambulance we are pleased to be part of Action for Brain Injury Awareness Week and we hope to draw attention to the impact that a brain injury can have on patients, their families, and friends.


When an injury occurs to the brain, whether spontaneously or through a sudden injury, our philosophy of care is to get to them as quickly as possible wherever they are, so that medical intervention can be started even before they arrive in the hospital. For many of these patients, the earlier medical treatment is started, the better the outcome can be. This is especially true when someone has been injured.

Our teams carry much of the equipment and offer clinical skills that would normally be available on an intensive care unit or hospital emergency department. We use equipment such as ventilator machines to help support breathing when a brain injury has impacted the ability of a patient to breathe normally for themselves. This is a vital step in making sure that the brain has a proper supply of oxygen at the earliest opportunity.

We have recently launched a brand-new initiative, our ‘Centre for Excellence’, where our teams are working alongside specialists such as brain surgeons, clinical academics, and others to help us look forward to the next decade of head injury care. We want to do more to help, and as we shape the future for our patients, we will be exploring novel approaches that we believe might make even more of a difference.



Earlier this month, our medical team delivered a new and bespoke educational course that was entirely focussed on the early management of head injury. With our Professor of Neurosurgery, Professor Chris Uff, and our education lead, Lisa Burrell, our team came together for a ‘masterclass’ on head injury. We focussed heavily on how the meticulous attention to detail in the early phase of care is essential to helping our patients, and also on some exciting new innovations that might be available in the future.

Our teams care passionately about what they do for our patients. With the generous support of the public we would like to work even harder to push the early management of brain injury forward so that we can achieve even more in the future. Thank you so much for all the support that you give us.


Dr Gareth Grier
Centre for Excellence Project Lead

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