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Amy’s Story


17-year-old Amy Williams has no memory of the day her heart stopped. Her friend, Brandon, remembers it all too well.

When Amy suffered a seizure and collapsed, Brandon was forced to remember his CPR training from years before. With the help of the land and Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, Amy was resuscitated and stabilised before being flown to Basildon Hospital for treatment.

Amy said: “At first I thought it was all a joke and then I was gutted that I’d been on a helicopter – something I’d always wanted to do – but have no memory of it!”

Since the incident, Amy has been fitted with an internal defibrillator and has been enjoying her second year of study at Colchester Institute.

In September 2016 Amy, Brandon and her family visited our airbase and donated £270 to the Charity. A few weeks afterwards, Amy learned CPR for herself at our CPR-athon event during National Air Ambulance Week.

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