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03 November 2019

AgustaWestland 169


Rescue Mission

This footage demonstrates a mission whereby the AgustaWestland 169 (AW169) plays a key role in assisting an injured cyclist. The brand new AW169, as funded by the people of Essex & Hertfordshire, offers new possibilities for our Crew, whilst continuing the same level of patient care we have always provided.

Features of the AW169

The AgustaWestland 169 offers enhanced safety on the ground by the high clearance of the main and tail rotors as well as the auxiliary power unit (APU) mode that ensures the continued operation of the environmental control system, radios and medical devices when the rotors are stopped. The large sliding doors allows our Critical Care Paramedics and Pre-hospital Care Doctor’s easy access for patient entry and in transferring them to their final destination.

Agusta Westland

Helitech 2017

This footage has been released at this year’s Helitech. Keep up to date with its live feed on Twitter with #Helitech17, not forgetting to follow Essex & Herts Air Ambulance too!

Special thanks

Thank you to both Leonardo Helicopters and WMP Creative for bringing this film to life and showcasing our brand new helicopter to the public. Specialist Aviation Services have continued to keep us operational in this process, as well as being a huge part of the production. Thank you to all for your continued support, enthusiasm and co-operation.

*please note that the patient in this footage was played by an actress and an entirely fictional situation.

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