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17 May 2024

Action for Brain Injury Week 2024

Action for Brain Injury Week 2024

We are pleased to join many organisations during Action for Brain Injury Week in raising awareness about the impact of brain injury.


EHAAT and brain injury

For those affected by brain injury, lives are often transformed in an instant.

This can be the beginning of a very difficult journey, not only for patients but for their families and loved ones. Our medical teams try our very best to be at a patient’s side as rapidly as is currently possible, wherever the patient is. We intervene with emergency care with a hope to improve outcomes. The faster treatment starts, the better the outcome. We want to do much more to help.


Seizing opportunities to help

We believe the most significant opportunities for innovation in severe brain injury care are in the phase of treatment that takes place at the accident scene, and before a patient has time to reach a hospital. The help that a patient receives in the seconds and minutes following an accident are crucial in improving outcomes.


Over 25 years, we have cared for thousands of brain injured patients in this vital phase of their journey. We now recognise more than ever before, that rapid and early intervention in head injury can dramatically help reduce its effects.


Thanks to the charitable donations made by members of the public we have started to deliver on our strategy for future head injury care. Our work is centred around the immediate phase following a head injury, where in many cases, the patient becomes unresponsive and cannot breathe normally due to an impact to the head. This abnormal breathing has a profound effect on the brain, and the problem becomes worse as the minutes tick past. If we can bring more help to the patient at this time, things might be different.


A decade of opportunity


One of our most important treatments for brain injury over the years has been to support someone’s breathing by delivering an emergency anaesthetic at the accident scene. We are planning to explore undertaking much more than this in the future


Through the funding already made available to us we are not only able to continue delivering a world class standard of care, but we are also shaping the future of head injury care.


  • We now have a brain surgeon in our team who is working to shape our research and scholarship around head injury
  • We have collaborated with a university to create our first PhD programme in head injury care. We want to do even more in this area and are hoping to secure funding to support many more doctorate-level studies into head injury.
  • We now work with a new team of specialist nurses (our patient and family liaison team) who can help support our patients in the weeks and months following their injury, to help us understand outcomes after head injury in more detail.
  • We are working with our ambulance service colleagues on collaborative educational events that bring medical teams together to rehearse and plan to deliver the best head injury care possible.
  • We learn from every case of head injury that we attend with formal reflections on how our care impacted outcomes. This includes regular meetings with pathologists, hospital clinicians, and others where we try our utmost to establish if there might have been any additional opportunities to help. This learning cycle is essential in making our care better in the future.


Our Centre for Excellence


Our Centre for Excellence was founded in 2022, with head injury as one of three clinical ‘domains’. We want to carefully invest in a major programme for improvement in head injury care that will help our patients in the future, also having an impact more broadly as we collaborate with others.


We think about our patients and their families regularly. Our whole team is motivated and inspired to do much more in the coming years. We would like to thank all our supporters for the help that you continue to give us, as we strive to offer hope to many more people in the years to come.

Dr. Gareth Grier, Centre for Excellence Project Lead

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